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Most damage claims Attorney Florida Flood involve water, either through storm surge or rainfall. Water can come from several sources including rain, rivers, streams, and even ice dams that form on roofs during cold weather. Water initially collects in gutters and downspouts or seeps into exterior cracks or openings around window and door casings, siding, utility penetrations, roof/wall connections, and other points of entry.


Flood damage from rain is typically covered by standard homeowners insurance policies.

If water accumulates to a level where it causes significant damage indoors, the mishap may be covered by your business property policy if you have one underwritten for commercial coverage.

Storm surge damage is typically covered by flood insurance, which you can obtain through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Water damage claims are among the most complicated insurance claims to process.


Start with a thorough walk-through of what happened and where the water ended up.

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