Child Support Attorney in Houston

Trying to establish child support can be extremely difficult. Some Houston couples think that they can do this on their own. That there is no need to get a law firm involved in their child support case, they can just have a verbal agreement. The issue with this is if the parent stops paying there isn’t anyone who can make them pay the missing child support until you go to court. So you can skip all the nonsense and just go to court with Stepp & Sullivan a family law firm in Houston and get child support established right at the beginning. The other benefit of hiring a lawyer at the start and get the amount figured out is it’s a fair amount right from the start. This helps avoid any unnecessary issues later on as well.


In that state of Texas, which includes Houston more often than not, the parent who spends the least amount of physical time with the child is the one who is ordered to pay child support. This is not always the case, which is why hiring a Houston child support attorney can help make sure everything is done correctly. There are complex guidelines that go into figuring out how much child support is owed, so please contact a professional to make the process easier on yourself. You can always hire the Houston family law firm,  Stepp & Sullivan to give you guidance through the whole case. There are typical guidelines that are followed but it is not always so cut and dry, which is why getting the legal help is a great idea.


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